“Imperial Supplies Ltd is a London based Importer/Exporter specialising in both retail and wholesale food products, supplying a diverse range of categories from Boats, Boat spare parts, Chandlery, Branded Bottled water, Hotel amenities, Hotel Linen, Garments (Uniforms for hotels), Cosmetics, Coconut based products, Ceylon tea, Organic cleaning detergents, Hydroponic / agricultural products, food & drink to general merchandise and engineering products. Imperial Supplies Ltd has an international presence in the UK and in Sri Lanka. We source from a range of international sources to end users in Maldives and Sri Lanka. We are in a position to supply any product available in the UK, Europe and and Australia.  Through extensive market knowledge and strong local partnerships throughout United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Asia, Imperial Supplies Ltd are expanding into Asia Pacific and Europe, supplying high quality products and brand-names.”


Imperial Supplies Ltd, is an Import/Export (trading) company based in the United Kingdom. We have been established since 2015 as an integrated Trading House that guarantees global expansion of industrial products and provides innovative Export & Import solutions with the benefit of a legacy of knowledge, understanding and experience in the domain’s best practices.


To Claim A Leading Role In Mobilizing Trade Globally And Unlocking Opportunities Of Linking Various Industries To Various Markets Around The World.


Devoting Our Long Experience And Breadth Of Reach In Becoming The Strongest and Most Innovative Trading Platform Where Local Products Are Placed Within Global Markets.

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